Means ---

Development of formulations and compounding methods for elastomers


  • Human means

> 10 experienced elastomer experts


  • Equipments

> 2 laboratory mixers:

    >> Secured 1.5L mixer to keep nanoloads for black compounds

    >> 2L mixer for colored compounds

> 1 secured and semi-industrial 17L mixer for the use of nanoloads



  • Measuring techniques

> Rheology: Mooney viscosity, heating time, vulcanisation kinetics

> Mechanical properties: toughness, thickness, traction (ISO 37), tear resistance (ISO 34-1 and 34-2), abrasion resistance, …

> Physical-chemical properties:  FTIR, Dispergrader, flame propagation (ILO), compression set, suntest, heat resistance or resistance in liquids,


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