Elastoil project start

The Elastoil project has been selected within the framework of the latest call to project BIP-Ademe 2015. This three-year project is undertaken by EMAC and carried out with the collaboration of two regional partners: the ITERG and the LCPO research laboratory.


The ELASTOIL project aims at developing new extender oils made from renewable sources, that are non-toxic and potentially available while guaranteeing a better performance of elastomer formulations at a technical and environmental level.


The project therefore has a variety of objectives:

  • Replacing oils derived from petroleum by extender oils made from fat;
  • Significantly improve properties of materials formulated thanks to these new additives;
  • Studying the technical-economic sustainability of extender oils developed with a pilot and semi-industrial production;
  • Analyzing environmental aspects of production as well as the potential use of the most efficient extender oils.


Derived products of the European oil industry that do not have enough industrial applications will be used. The question of waste re-use such as waste cooking oils will also be tackled. This strategy will facilitate the restructuration of a French industry aiming for the valuation of co-products with innovative biobased molecules.

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