Directed by Didier Chauffaille and Pierre Lalanne since July 2006, EMAC is a French independent SME founded in 1950 by the SUPERVIELLE and BERROGAIN families which specializes in the formulation and production of tailor-made technical rubber mixtures
Based in South West France, in Basque Country, for more than 60 years, Emac began as a manufacturer of rubber molds and a rubber compound supplier for the local footwear industry. EMAC rapidly broadened its skills and opened itself to an array of other industrial markets.
In 2005, the business was still made up of 30% rubber molds and 70% rubber compounds.
Today, EMAC is a renowned player in the automotive industry as well as in the railroad industry, building and construction industry, agribusiness, chemistry, weaponry or aeronautics, adhesives and luxury goods industry. EMAC is a seal of excellence when it comes to competitiveness, quality, flexibility, reactivity and dynamic collaboration.
EMAC designs 80% of new formulas and 99% of its activity is producing rubber and polymer mixtures.


In 60 years, EMAC has become one of the largest French tailor-made rubber mixture manufacturers.


Structure juridique

Emac est une SAS au capital de 411 400 Euros. Composition de l'actionnariat :

  • 50% Didier CHAUFFAILLE
  • 50% Pierre LALANNE
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