PROJET RESET (2015 > 2018)


> Implementing a new and artificial biosynthetic pathway of terpenes that could be used in fermentation (in vivo) and bioconversion (in vitro)

> Searching for genes that code for kinases that affect different kinds of alcohols and alcohol-phosphates

> Using these genes coding for kinases to implement a biosynthetic pathway in a microorganism. This would aim at biosynthesising target compounds such as prenylated aromatic compounds or sesquiterpene hydrocarbons.

> Using so-called kinases to produce through bioconversion targets such as prenylated aromatic compounds or rubber with a high molar mass.


Project partners:

The French Institute for Molecular Sciences in Marseille (ism2)

> The Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques (LCPO), French Chemistry Laboratory for Organic Polymers

> The Laboratoire de Criblage des Activités de Bioconversion (LCAB/Genoscope), French Screening Laboratory for Bioconversion Activities

> Charabot


Labelling: PASS and Xylofutur

Funding: ANR (French National Agency for Research) and Institutional Regional Organizations


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